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KeyName Search

Information Perform multi-name searches across multiple indexes.

Use keywords or try a full name search

You can search either one full name (e.g. John Smith) or with multi surnames separated by comma (e.g. allen,smith)

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Does this search include all the Indexes Online?

 No, not all Indexes Online (including the Index to Gaol Photographs) are available in KeyName Search. View the full list of our Indexes here »

Tips for Searching

Search for more than one name

Simply enter each name (surname and/or first name) separated by a comma. No spaces.

If searching a name with an apostrophe, such as O'Brien, try searching with and without the apostrophe. You can also search both variations together.
For example, type: O'Brien, Obrien into the searchbox.

Full name search

For example, typing: William Smith will return results for SMITH, William; SMITH, Williamson; SMITH William Henry etc

Wildcard character %


The wildcard character - % - can represent any character in a keyword. For example:

Smith% will return all entries that start with "Smith", whereas
%Smith% will return any entries that have "Smith" somewhere in the name (such as "Shoesmith")


The wildcard character is also very useful when searching for an entry by an option other than surname. For instance, a search of:

%Windsor% in a locality or description field will find the word "Windsor" anywhere in that field

Sort the search results by clicking the column headings

For example:


Click the "Surname" column to sort from A-Z. Click it again to sort from Z-A.


This is a particularly useful option to use in the "Date" column. Click to sort earliest to latest. Click again to reverse the order.

Having trouble searching?

If you are experiencing problems, we suggest you clear all the browser caches and try your search again. If you are using Internet Explorer simply select Tools -> Internet Options and clear the files in the 'Temporary Internet Files' option. Restart your web session from our homepage.


If the KeyName Search page is left idle for a period of time it may time-out and you will need to re-start your session. Simply go to the State Records homepage and then select KeyName Search from the blue horizontal bar.

Search performance

Index search has been optimised for the fastest response, however, sometimes you may experience slow performance due to high Internet traffic. If this is the case, try to search when network activity is expected to be lower. Also check that your modem/router is operating at its optimum speed.


You can leave feedback about any of our online indexes - we'd like to hear from you.